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Deanna Philpott

Why did you choose consulting as a career?

In the corporate world, I had the opportunity to be the company liaison with our external consultants, and I experienced what good consultants could bring to a company.  I wanted a new challenge and the ability to contribute, so I entered consulting to use my practical experience and knowledge to have the opportunity to work with a variety of companies on different issues.


What should a client know about your experience?

I bring 10 years of corporate experience, working as an Executive of a Fortune 500 company with a strong background in human resources and organizational development.  Also, my 11 years of experience as an external consultant working with various companies and organizations on very different problems has prepared me to recognize, understand and design solutions for the “people” and strategic business issues companies face.


What is the most fulfilling part of your work?

Knowing that our consulting work has made a great impact on our client companies and has enabled them to take the next step toward achieving their goals.  It’s also a very rewarding experience to transfer our knowledge and skills into the client organization we are working with and assist the people of the organization grow professionally and become even more successful.


What has been your most rewarding/energizing engagement?

For me, it has to be when we have the opportunity to assist a company in building their culture, which includes developing and coaching the potential in their leaders, fostering great teamwork, and helping a company actually “live their values” through establishing the programs and processes they need to do this.  Also, it’s very rewarding when we return to a company and witness the success they have had with programs and processes we helped them create.


Describe People Strategy Consulting in ten words or less.

Dynamic partner in a company’s success!


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