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Growing Your Leaders

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words, as in attitude and in actions.” -Harold S. Geneen (President and CEO/ITT Corporation)


The success of your organization depends on the performance of your people and the strengths and skills of your leaders.  Focused programs and leadership development planning ensures the company a positive return on the investment in their leaders and people.  We help you identify and grow your current and potential leaders with customized programs, assessments and processes

Let Us Help You Develop Organizational Talent Through

1. Talent Audits/ Succession Management


PSC provide an innovative, predictive and objective talent analysis that assesses individuals in a specific role or at any level of the organization.  This process determines who has the predictive skills necessary to be successful in a variety of next-level leadership roles as well as development needed, both organizationally and individually.  This strategic approach identifies the leadership DNA of your company to maintain continuity in all leadership and critical positions to ensure your company’s continued success and growth

2. Leadership Assessments

PSC offers many types of assessments that provide objective data and feedback on one’s leadership style, approach, capabilities, development needs, as well as identified opportunities where one’s strengths can be enhanced.  These include both self- and multi-rater instruments.  Click for a complete list of PSC’s assessments and certifications.


3. Leadership Development

PSC designs customized leadership development programs based on the company’s desired leadership competencies and business needs.  These custom programs are designed to align with the organization’s strategy.  Our leadership development programs can focus on an individual’s leadership capacity as well as a leadership team’s capability.  These programs enhance leadership skills and abilities, and increase an organization’s success.  Please click here for a partial list of PSC’s individual leadership development courses.


4. Leadership Coaching

PSC certified leadership coaches provide individualized coaching designed to improve managerial and professional effectiveness.  Leadership coaching is highly recommended for valued individuals that are currently in need of enhancement of interpersonal communications, influential and leadership skills.  An important outcome of leadership coaching is an individual development plan with detailed action steps that provides a roadmap for action and accountability, and the individual’s continued improvement.


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