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Engaging Your People

Today’s business environment demands the best from your people.  PSC helps you engage your people so they can do their best and boost the organization’s performance.  Front-line employees and high-performance organizations clearly understand their role and individual goals and how this aligns and supports their team and company’s initiative.   Companies need employees who embrace new ideas or changes and will work collaboratively to contribute to the company’s best interest, which is staying competitive and achieving goals.  PSC partners with your leadership team to engage your greatest asset – YOUR PEOPLE – to achieve desired results.

Let Us Engage Your People Through:

1. Change Management

PSC adheres to a proven leadership change model (Kotter) to provide the process and structure of leading others through organizational change.  By applying these practical tools for individual awareness of the need for change translates into the acceptance of the new behaviors needed for a successful change implementation.  Obtaining employee buy-in and commitment is critical to implementing and executing any change initiative.

2. Repurpsoing Company Culture

PSC assist leaders in the process of developing and/or sustaining a company culture of excellence and performance where all employees are engaged collaboratively with each other to serve their customers and provide the best possible solution.  By defining the company’s collection of values, beliefs, goals and desired behaviors, everyone is clear on what  the company stands for and how business will be conducted.

3. Team Development

PSC provides a format to specifically identify and examine team issues and develop a plan to address any obstacle that is preventing the team from reaching high performance.  Team dysfunctions, team processes, team behaviors and team members’ accountability are critical elements that are evaluated in order to assist a Team to discover their own roadmap needed to take them to the next level of purpose and performance.

4. Strategic Planning and Communications

PSC custom designs and facilitates a strategic planning process to clarify strategic company goals that support the vision and mission of the organization and guide the alignment and implementation of the annual business plan.  To support this planning, a communications strategy is developed that cascades the understanding

5. Internal Communications

PSC provides the expertise that supports the development and implementation of an internal communications strategy that energizes the hearts and mind of all the people in your organization.  This process includes consistent messaging and internal symbols that inspire trust and secure employee commitment.

6. Process Analysis and Redesign

PSC provides expertise in guiding teams in the planning and implementation of their own process improvement opportunities and/or work redesign.  By incorporating all stakeholders’ involvement and creating metrics that are valuable and meaningful, organizational performance is enhanced and goals are accomplished with more effectiveness and efficiency. 

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