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The Chally Talent Audit

Why Chally?

Developing and retaining high potential and high performing employees is critical to delivering good business results …both for today and for tomorrow!  People Strategy Consulting, an affiliate of the Chally Group, assists clients in identifying and growing the capabilities of key employees, as well as selecting additional needed talent.

Chally, is a unique, web-based, predictive assessment system for talent selection, talent alignment and talent development.  Chally is EEOC compliant and provides three major approaches to improving employee and organizational performance.

· Talent Audit for Succession Management

· Individual Development Planning

· Selection and Hiring Recommendations

Talent Audit for Succession Management

The Chally Talent Audit is an innovative, predictive, objective, EEOC compliant assessment and talent audit analysis.  It allows your organization to assess all the individuals in a specific role or in any level of the organization to determine who has the predictive skills necessary to be successful in a variety of next-level roles. This pool of ‘high-potential individuals’ can then be targeted to receive both individual and group development as future leaders, in production, service or sales.

Individual Development Planning

The results of an individual Chally assessment identifies specific individual developmental needs and determines which competencies can be developed further and which competencies are not predicted to be one’s strengths. This information prevents  derailment and obtains optimum performance 
results for your organization. Two ways this information can be used are:

  • To provide individual coaching and the creation of an IDP (Individual Development Plan) to maximize success in one’s current position

  • To provide individual career planning to determine the individual’s ‘best match’ with the opportunities that exist in your organization.

Selection and Hiring Recommendations

The web-based Chally assessment system matches the competencies of an open position with a 
validated ‘Skill Profile’ (management, sales, technical, customer service, or administrative profile). The assessment report  measures the candidate’s critical on-the-job strengths and weaknesses relative to the predictive skills needed for the position. It additionally provides the hiring manager with coaching techniques and a hiring recommendation of: Recommended, Recommended with Concerns, or Not Recommended.  This provides the company more confidence when making their selection decision. 

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