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Investing In Talent Analytics

Today’s constantly evolving workforce is quickly being driven by analytics. Tha is, indisputable, measured facts provide the information that drives business towards a process. Companies use and trust analytics for the most efficient and effective ways manage, progress and protect their investments. So why should the way companies determine who is a best fit for them be any different?

Talent Management Analytics (also becoming known popularly as “big data”) provides measurable statistics to determine who will fit the roles of your growing business. Talent Management Analytics is an objective look at your current and future employees to help seek the candidate you are looking for. Who will fill the chain of succession? Which groups of people will work best together to find a solution? Who will be the leader of tomorrow, or the new hire of today? These are questions that every business should be ready and able to answer. But how?

Let People Strategy Consulting help figure out who the best “investments” are in your human capitol. We offer the innovative and extensive Chally Talent Audit (something we've worked with far before the rise of "big data"), which provides a competency inventory that measures talent and potential. Additionally, this audit will show which of your employees are ready for the next level, and which may need some improving. How coworkers interact, work, develop, and grow can be determined on an objectional, factual level, minimizing both the risk and money spent on employees who may not be right for the position.

Even Forbes Magazine notes the significance of human capitol, recently reporting that of a company’s total revenue, forty percent is being spent on payroll alone, and that hiring and moving employees up the succession ladder based on “gut-feel” is one of the worst mistakes a company makes. This is often damaging to total revenue. The biggest investment a company makes is it’s employees. Has your business made the right investments?

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